Apollo Advertising Combines Business and Fitness Competition

Apollo Advertising executives are always looking for fun and exciting ways to encourage energy and competition in the office. Several of the firm’s consultants recently participated in a CrossFit Challenge.

A group from the Apollo Advertising office recently took part in a CrossFit competition against other offices from around the country. This competition also included a coaching seminar and a chance to network and work out with other top-performing consultants. The coaching seminar was led by executive business leaders from the industry, who talked about current trends and where they think the market is headed in the future.

The event was themed Being a Better Coach and Getting the Best Out of People, and focussed on encouraging others, living a healthy lifestyle, personal development, and setting and achieving challenging goals.

“This was the perfect event to throw in conjunction with CrossFit,” said Apollo Advertising Owner Anton T. “CrossFit combines healthy competition with comradery, which are values we try to encourage in the office, so this was a great way to come together and support each other while also getting a great workout. Events like this really promote an active lifestyle. I started participating in CrossFit about the same time that I started working in this industry. When both my work life and my exercise friends were supporting progression and celebrating personal success, I was really set up to attain my goals. I’m thrilled this event will let other business consultants experience the same synergy.”

Shyla B., Daniel W., Jack B., Jacob K., Charles A., Khalid M., Harry T., Thomas S., and Tyrone K. attended representing the Apollo Advertising office.

Building a Healthy Lifestyle Also Increases Apollo Advertising Comradery 

“The mentality of CrossFit is that you’re always working toward a goal and that you continue to get better. You scale the exercises to what your current skill level is, but you keep working on progressing. There is an atmosphere of constant positivity and support from the community,” continued Anton. “Our Apollo Advertising ethos mirrors the CrossFit atmosphere. We try to encourage everyone to be successful at the goals they set for themselves while also working with colleagues and supporting everyone in the industry.”

“Fitness is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and it’s just flat-out good for you. It promotes a clear mind and leads to productivity in all areas of life, including with your professional pursuits. That’s why it makes so much sense to combine business training and fitness,” shared Anton.

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