Apollo Advertising Holds 2017 Christmas Gala

The Owner of Apollo Advertising hosted a Christmas gala to recognise the hard work and success of the contractors within the network. He discussed the event and some qualities that lead to award-worthy achievement.

“Recognition is important, so I take advantage of every opportunity to acknowledge the professionals in the Apollo Advertising community,” said Anton T., the company Owner. “The Christmas Gala was the most recent platform for doing so.”

According to Anton, the event was a black-tie award gala, with a DJ and a catered dinner. Many of the business contractors in attendance won prestigious awards. For instance, Cameron I. won the Rising Star Brand Ambassador of the Year award. He used to play rugby professionally, so he has the discipline needed to go far. 

"Recognition is important, so I take advantage of every opportunity to acknowledge the professionals in the Apollo Advertising community,"

Anton, Owner

“Cameron is an eager learner as well,” stated Anton. “The contractors often decide to coach one another, and he accepts and applies feedback right away. Without a doubt, he was deserving of the recognition. There were sales awards given, too. Shyla B. received one for being a top performer, for instance. The gala really showed people within the Apollo Advertising network that passion and persistence pay off.”

Apollo Advertising Owner Identifies Qualities That Build the Type of Success That Wins Awards

Anton pointed out that achieving high levels of success requires more than ambition and work ethic. Many of the world’s most successful individuals – as unique as they may be – share certain qualities that propel their excellence. A positive attitude is one of these traits. Not only is an optimistic mind-set contagious, it helps people push toward their goals despite the challenges they face along the way.

“The ability to make decisions with confidence is also vital,” Anton continued. “This skill has helped me shape Apollo Advertising into the operation it is today. Whether it’s a matter of taking the time to gather all relevant information and making an informed choice or instinctually making a decision on the fly, successful professionals do what they feel is right and commit to it.”

“Communication skills are essential in business,” Anton concluded. “People must be able to convey their feelings and ideas clearly and concisely. They should also know how to listen actively and use their body language strategically. These things are needed to foster meaningful relationships, which are also critical. Cameron and Shyla display these talents, and it’s no wonder they were awarded for their success.”

It’s these types of characteristics that really contributed to the improvement of the contractors’ work, according to Anton – and he hopes to see many of them thrive because of their efforts in the future.

About Apollo Advertising:

Apollo Advertising is a leader in customer acquisitions. They provide companies big and small with a path to reach more customers. Their proven approach is more effective than traditional marketing methods. These professionals use a unique outreach model based on real-world connections and real-time identification of opportunities. They succeed due to their investment in developing their brand ambassadors. Each consultant learns the business basics to move forward in their pursuits. Aspiring entrepreneurs can find a place to launch satisfying professional journeys with Apollo Advertising. To learn more about their approach, visit them at apolloadvertising.co.uk

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